DFEST is a group of specialists brought together under a global vision to be the one source for all event needs. We have created an “on-call” collective and network of event professionals to assist members of this industry. Even if we do not directly provide the service you are looking for, even if we do not automatically know the answer to your question, we will find someone who does.

We are a full-service team that brings your ideas from conception to completion while guaranteeing the best quality available. From designing, manufacturing, and installing breath-taking decorations to consulting, providing executive resources, delightful mascot characters, and video marketing and production, we are truly the “one-source” for all your festival and event needs. Our staff includes experienced and respected event professionals, talented artists, and skilled craftsmen and women, all dedicated to you and your success.

We are not trying to be everything for everyone, just everything you, our customer, wants us to be for you. We are experts at helping our customers define their unique needs and then, and only then, executing a plan for success.